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Who doesn’t like to be gifted ?

Looking after a Mistress is like looking after a Ferrari!! (hi hi). If you want the best things in life….the fastest, the most beautiful and the sexiest…..and … know…..the things that make your heart race… like me!!; you have to know how to care for them, protect them and treat them! At the same time, if you don’t show your love you’ll often lose the very thing that you most desire – like most things in life! ☺

I’m no different…treat me well and you’ll never look back….

You don’t have to spend a lot, but a good gift should have something of you that comes with it….it may be something handmade or created by you, or it may be specially wrapped… something that makes it ‘from you’ to your Mistress…..a tender touch of respect and of love and of course your appreciation.

Getting To Know What Mistress Likes! 

I love to get know my slaves and submissive and the best also take the time to listen and understand what I love too and take a real pleasure of finding that unique something special that you just can’t buy….

Something that has thought, imagination, creativity and a desire to please.

This aspect of the Pro Domme/Submissive relationship is something that adds magic to and deepens the interaction in the D/s relationship and the giving and receiving of gifts is just one aspect of this ☺

So What Does Mistress Like?

It will be no surprise to those slaves that already know me….I like the best of the best and the crème de la crème…you would be disappointed if I didn’t!

Don’t cut corners….a well intentioned gift or offering, if done with reservation…..will be sometimes as bad as not gifting to start with!….and in the process upsetting me. Think about everything about the gift and the act of giving.

To make things a bit easier…particularly for the male intellect, or those that need a bit of help, I’ve done some of the thinking for you….. I’ve created a list of things that will make my heart skip a beat or at the very least put you in my good books!

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This is my general ‘go-to’ list and includes gifts that you can give to bring a smile in all areas of my life. It may surprise you that I love DIY and getting my hands dirty, including fixing up old vintage cars. I also adore cooking – Sunday is my day to cook for those that I love!
It has everything including lingerie, clothing, boots, shoes, kink, DIY, tech stuff and more….

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The important things you shouldn’t forget…

My sizes and measurements when ordering clothing or shoes:

UK Size
EU Size
  • Dress Size: 6
  • Shoe Size: 4
  • Bra: 32A
  • Bottom: Small
  • Gloves Size: 7
  • Stockings & Nylons Size: Medium
  • Waist: 24
  • Bust: 32
  • Hips: 35
  • Dress Size: 34/36
  • Shoe Size: 37
  • Bra: 85A
  • Bottom: 36
  • Gloves Size: 7
  • Stockings & Nylons Size: T2
  • Waist: 63
  • Bust: 82
  • Hips: 89

The Things You Should Never Buy!

There are some gifts that simply won’t make me happy. They include:

  • Cut Flowers (but I love green plants in pots)
  • Perfume (I’ve got my own Fetishist who choose the perfect ones for me)
  • Chocolates (unless exclusive Swiss Praliné !)
  • A Kinky Toy (Coming to see me with your new cock ring isn’t a present !!!)
  • Your Homemade Food ( I’m a bit OCD when it comes to hygiene and I find difficult to eat other’s cooking)

Shopping With Mistress

For some of my slaves, a gift is not a gift unless they go on a personal shopping trip with me. Don’t forget that I will expect to be paid my normal hourly tribute. I can set a budget with you in advance if you email or DM me.

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