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A Good Spanking

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as giving a slave a good spanking; in fact administering a good spanking is also good for my soul! Watching a pale pathetic ass slowly turn gradually from a light shade of pink to a rich red vermillion is quite exquisite….a work of art! Sluts, whores and sissies….I love giving them a good spanking!

Having a submissive fully submit to me to and under my full control is an aphrodisiac from the dominance and power….as it is the slave for the erotic pain experienced.

The derriere is an erotic zone and a good spanking is the best way to start a good corporal punishment (CP) session; it gets my clients in the mood (the spanking releases endorphins that make the spanking an erotic experience) and perhaps as importantly, in the right head space, and not to mention that I love the whole process!….it gets my creative juices flowing (hi hi)




Many new to BDSM see it as a crude way of inflicting pain, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love it when newbies are introduced to CP, usually a light spanking; the art is teaching them (firmly!) how to enjoy the intensity of the pain through other techniques to stimulate and arouse. Over time the submissive can’t tell the difference between pain and pleasure….both become a heady cocktail of euphoria and pleasure. It’s what some describe as ‘sub space’ or a ‘high’.

Pain and pleasure are both felt and experienced by the release of endorphins which in my hands I control like an orchestra, or in your case your body….both pain and pleasure….become only pleasure!…..welcome to subspace ☺

If you haven’t tried CP already, let me give you my unique introduction to a good spanking!!

Prepare For Your Spanking


I expect my slaves to on best behaviour both in and out of our sessions; Mistress Nikky French doesn’t tolerate badly behaved, ill-mannered, insolence or any type of disobedient behaviour of any type…even more so when I am looking to correct their bad way.

Dare to disobey be and you’ll find out very quickly there’s a one way ticket to a very rosy red set of cheeks!! Remember to only look at me if I ask you to, speak when I ask you to and not a second before and do precisely what I say and when I say it… otherwise you’ll soon feel my displeasure; serve, worship and obey… don’t you dare forget.

Like any good Mistress, I expect my slaves to want to please me and impress me at all times and occasionally make me laugh as well as spoil me. I don’t just punish you for poor behaviour, I also reward good behaviour in my own unique way… as long as you please me ☺

Assume the Position!


When my slaves present themselves, I may ask them to assume the position, which might by over my knee (OTK), bent over one of my school desks (my favourite) and when you’re particularly naughty, on all fours on my spanking bench. Each position probably lets you know there’s been an escalation in the level of my displeasure from your disobedience…. but don’t worry, you’ll soon know about it… I guarantee it!

The Tension, Drama & Delivery!

It’s true to say that a good spanking begins before the spanking starts! The anticipation, the tension, the drama and the scene setting are created in my own unique way… almost like a movie scene (I use to work in the film industry). You know your punishment is coming, a bit like a Headmistress that used to punish you at school, but you don’t know when that first strike from my hand or one of my delicious ménage of CP instruments will be felt on your willing but very naughty ass!

Before I strike, I’ll make sure your heart is racing and maybe you’ll be even perspiring a little (hi hi!) and if you’ve sessioned with me before, you may even risk asking me to start….mmmmmm. That first strike, nothing quite like it …..slowly to start with and building up to a crescendo, watching your ass change colour as I increase the pace, the tension and the intensity. At some point, you will beg me for more…I guarantee it.

You’ll find that I have a very active imagination in our sessions, I have so many ways to deliver my package… fast … slow… hard … soft…but always so accurate. I’ll deliver my punishment with precision….I know how to press all my clients buttons as you’ll discover!

I’ve written a very good article on some of the finer points of CP including spanking on my Kink Your Life website

My School Room


bdsm school room bristol


I have recently built a dedicated school room, which will hold spanking parties for small groups. There’s so many naughty and disobedient slaves, I’m not sure the classroom will be big enough! I’ve made sure that it has everything you would expect in a school room; old fashioned desks, dunces cap, maps of the world, and of course the teachers desk, where you may be taught a lesson in front of the class!

Be prepared for old fashioned teaching methods; strict discipline, regular punishments from Mistress and not forgetting humiliation in front of your classmates. Before I forget, I will make sure that you can do your sums and have learned your lessons, especially French… be prepared because if you’re not, I will be!!

Each student will get a end of session report telling them where and how they need to improve before our next session and the punishment for not improving. The new term is about to begin; book your next classroom session with me.

Click on the link to find out more about my school room.

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