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Sleep Overs

The Full Dungeon Experience

There’s nothing I like more than occasional harsh discipline to correct the behavior of my slaves; make them submit to my command and obey me. Nothing is better than an overnight caging session; it trains mind, body and spirit and it gives me the opportunity to take my time and use my entire dungeon and all its devices. The end result…a slave that is compliant, obedient, totally submissive and will obey my every wish Sometimes, my slaves really need to understand what being a slave means…it’s not just a word….but a discipline and way of behaving when in my presence.

All good slaves need to be taught some discipline from time to time and nothing is better than an overnight caging session in my dungeon. It’s the ultimate way of making sure a slave is put in their place; put into captivity, deprived of everything, isolated and left to think about their behavior….or should I say poor behavior! While I’m tucked up nicely in my warm bed, you’ll be suffering, believe me. Maybe, just maybe and only if you’ve been compliant and fully submitted to my will, I may provide a blanket, but that will be the extent of your ‘luxury’…it will break you and train you mentally, spiritually and physically and the result….you’ll be mine….total domination and mind control at its best.

Being caged is a bit like forced meditation…it provides you to think about your punishment, your wrong doings and the excitement, the thrill and the fear of what lies in store for you; if and when I release you….the anticipation will be overwhelming, immense and intense. It creates headspace for the submissive and is symbolic on a physical level of my mastery and power over you.

“I will take push you as far as you want to go and take you to places you never thought possible”
Mistress Nikky French

I may also decide to not only cage you, but restrain you in your cage, with collars, cuffs, an isolation hood, gags, heavy bondage and mummification; unable to move or function and only able to think…if you can? The lights will be out, you will be on your own and nobody will hear you scream; there will be just you and the darkness……

It goes without saying, that you will surrender to the full range of my unique style of BDSM, from CBT, heavy bondage, extensive corporal punishment, anal play, feminization and chastity play….and of course you will be humiliated and I’ll enjoy it too….slowly breaking you down and watching you obey my every command and willing to accept any discipline I care to administer…..

The rush of power and total domination over my slaves…it doesn’t get better for Mistress!

All The Way…

Some clients want to add humiliation to the dungeon experience and go all the way and make the subspace that you enter just that bit more intense, if that is possible? This can include taking me to dinner and cocktails before our session starts and the real fun begins. I can invite special guests to our session and join us to make the experience more erotic and challenging, which can include Double Domme, my sexy wife (Click Here for details), and Bull Masters for forced-bi and further humiliation. How far do you want to go?…….

Hot Hotel Nights

Some clients like a bit of luxury and want a soft bed to lie in, rather than a cage for overnight sessions! In return, I expect to be offered overnight accommodation in the finest hotels, food, wine and service. Don’t think that things will be any easier though; I will always bring a trunk of my finest and most fiendish dungeon equipment. The soft lights and luxurious surroundings will not mean that you will escape from humiliation and punishment. It will just mean that you may be a little warmer and a little more well fed…while I have my way with you…..

I can travel to most cities and countries, as long as you pay for my travel and accommodation of my choice and of course pay for the tributes. Call me to arrange your perfect sleep over, whether in the dungeon or out of it….

Mistress Nikky French

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