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One thing that I noticed that Mistress did not have in here dungeon from my last visit was a swing or sling… I brought my swing along this visit to show her… but really what a dungeon needs is a Sling which instead of being fixed at one point is suspended at 4 or 5 places.

We met as usual, went out to dinner a drink and a catch up before going back to the dungeon where  I hooked up the swing and I showed Mistress whats possible with the different positions…I said how much easier it is for her to play while her slaves are in the swing especially as she can get them at any height and just the right height to administer her special kind of discipline..

Mistress seemed genuinely please that this could add a new dimension to her sessions.

I got ready and Fiona emerged from the jumble of bags and pile of clothes on the floor The whole transformation is part of the play for me and I think and hope Mistress likes the transformation as much as I like doing it and I love being watched as I get ready…

I bought a new wig also this time to replace my short blonde one which I think was definitely more natural and made me feel a lot more fem inside and out.

We had Music, drink good company and the atmosphere was just right. We did some photos ..

The session was as always started by Mistress strapping up by balls and cock which I now look fwd to at the start of every session… guess its a way of Mistress saying… they and you are mine !! Not that I would argue !

I got into the swing and administered by medicine in anticipation on Mistress testing how open and relaxed I was which she does in such a gentle sensual way by inserting a few fingers and probing inside to see if I am relaxed…

There were a number of firsts for this session as well as the swing…

A new Anal toy which Mistress has christened the ‘Rocket’ ;-0

We chose this together online when I said I wanted to get something that would ‘stretch’ my limits. Its about the same size as Mistresses arm and hand …..heheheh Its the length that I wanted…but you must be well trained, lubricated and relaxed and above all trust the person you are in session with… goes without saying I trust Mistress to well use me

The mood was good and with the Electro Stim  throbbing away on my cock Mistress turned it up and the feeling got more intense …never painful though…but I was disappointed despite all this stimulation my cock was not hard… this happens to me once  I change into Fiona and something I think I need to work on as I think Mistress likes something to grab hold of now and again…

The session was going well …Mistress for the first time gave me not one not two but at least three anal orgasms…. This was before she even got to the Rocket…

When the rocket did come out …wow… I wanted depth and stretch and I got both…Mistress directed the Rocket to just the the right spot and had me  writhing about in the swing screaming with ecstasy but I was not going to give in…

With my cock well and truly out of the room Mistress was intent on making me cum and empty myself for her… I feel I let Mistress down on this occasion and no matter what was done there was no way it was going to deliver.. Frustrating for me as I like to show Mistress how mush she has turned me on… and I think disappointing for Mistress as she likes her slaves to leave fully satisfied… which I definitely was !!

By far the best session I had had so far with Mistress and I think we are getting to know each other better…I thank you so so so much Mistress I just hope you realise how grateful I am to you…

Believe me to get to this stage and connect like I have with Mistress this soon is rare..

I’m so afraid I will loose her at some point though but also know these are Fiona’s own insecurities which I know I have to deal with…

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