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…… I met Mistress straight out of work and we went to my hotel so that I could get freshened up…

We then went to a local Chinese restaurant where again we had a lovely meal before going onto the dungeon where the plan was as usual  Fiona would once again join us.

I popped out to the local shop to get some wine while Mistress made the dungeon warmer as it had not been used recently…

On my return I was greeted by total blackness  ;-(  I checked the fuses but it looked like it was an issue elsewhere.  ;-(

Mistress’s day had not been a good one…now this …I’m sure she not only felt embarrassed but at this point well PO… none of this makes for a relaxed and chilled build to a session… But Mistress just packed the car and we headed back to the Hotel..I was also concerned that Mistress felt somewhat PO , embarrassed and not really in the mood any more..

Back at the Hotel Mistress tried on Fiona’s new hair for herself and I could not believe what I was looking at…

Angelina Jollie was in my Hotel Room !!!… I was gob smacked at how a wig could change someone…but this was incredible… Mistress is gorgeous anyway but with her lovely shaped full lips and the hair the resemblance was incredible…and especially as now Mistress had put on the underwear that we have purchased the following afternoon from Town. I was in awe once more at her beauty!.

I transformed into Fiona and used the new makeup which Mistress had bought with me in town the day before.I put on my new hair …..after retrieving it from Mistress who I think would have gladly kept it all night  Not that I would have said no but Mistress wanted to see how Fiona would look…….

WOW……. As soon as she had combed it Mistress was gobsmacked at how different I now looked from the previous meetings

I looked in the mirror and I felt like crying with joy….I Instantly felt a wave of goose pimples run the full length of my body… with the new Makeup, clothes and Makeup that I was wearing it was a shock at how different I now looked… Its hard to explain for none TV’s but you really know you have it right when I Mistress hugs you and says how wonderful you look…

Its hard to describe how I felt  at that point and how indeed I feel now writing about it… tears started to well up, and an overwhelming urge of gratitude and love surfaced. Mistress had found that look I had tried so hard to achieved but fell well short….

Its at this point that I find my relationship with my Mistress hard…being a TV is a lonely existence and I often think if I had been a women I would definitely have been gay….a kiss, cuddle and warm hug I’ll never have with Mistress as our relationship of Slave / Mistress is strict and prohibitive but that does not mean its not a caring understanding relationship which i would be gutted to loose now but I do fear for the elements that are not there how can I fill them…

We sessioned with Rocket again ….;-)  with Mistress suggesting a new position which enabled Rocket to penetrate deeper without discomfort.

This I think coupled with the earlier emotional roller coaster made this as good a session as the infamous swing session hahahha

As well as the session we did some new photos that no doubt will find there way onto Mistresses Twitter and Website over time…

We also did a few shots together for those with a nylon and foot fetish… Where you can see Mistresses’s delectable lickable feet

and legs for all those out there who appreciate Nylons….I did not get the impression that the events and bad day that Mistress had had effected the session in any way but I was mindful that Mistress had to get home and it was getting late..

I’m beginning what can top this and indeed as we move fwd on our journey together how big with the mountain have to be to top the previous experience…

Maybe some forced  Bi sessions….come on guys let Mistress command us both …

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