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My first ever Swamp

Yesterday I had the honour of attending my first ever Swamp along side my amazing Mistress Nikky French.

I had attended a the earlier part of the day once previously with a friend (where there was a rope workshop) but didn’t stay for the evening.  This came after I’d spent a long time travelling, without time to go home first.  As such I felt very under dressed, but I think what I was wearing was just about acceptable. As I was arriving late I entered the venue on my own – which was incredibly nerve racking, particularly as everyone looked like they had made a massive effort.  It was made worse by the fact that on my first sweep of the room I didn’t spot Mistress (she was sort of in a corner with a friend who I hadn’t met previously).  Once I did find her I was much more relaxed – though still a little out of my comfort zone and nervous – the first drink helped. After a while we moved to watch some of the people who were playing (including some that she knew.  Obviously I wont be disclosing any details about anyone but it was fascinating.  A few were playing with fire – which would terrify me as I’m back to being hairy again (it was too sharp when I shaved it – any smooth removal suggestions?)  but also because fire!  I’ve been taught all my life not to go too close to fire or you’ll get burned – but then they seemed to enjoy it. I was then surprised when Mistress asked me to join her in the area, but obviously elated.  I hadn’t been expecting this but over the moon that she wanted to play with me.  She had me strip naked, before this moment only two people (Mistress and Saffita) had seen me in just my cock cage, whereas now I was in a room with dozens of people able to see.  Still by doing so, and showing that I was locked up I felt like less of an imposter as they could see that I was more fet orientated, plus with Mistress there I felt completely safe.  I trust her 100%. Mistress had me on a bench and then preceded to paddle me with a few different items.  This was my first time properly being paddled and I feel that I disappointed Mistress with how much I could take.  It took me a while to force myself to relax rather than bracing for impact and I did try and push myself.  I think perhaps I need to have a whole session with Mistress just focusing on paddles/whips so we can work out which brings maximum tolerance from myself with enough pain/marks/sounds for Mistress’s liking.  I’m sure with training I’d get better.  When we stopped (after what was apparently a short time) my cage was literally dripping – so I must have enjoyed it.  Really it was a thrill to play with Mistress in front of people and just being close to her in general.  I hope I pleased her a little bit and I have to say she was great at pushing passed what I thought I could take but not taking it too far, I hope I can please her more in future! Other than that we spent some time chatting to other people.  Mistress was quite happy to drop into conversation that I had been in chastity for her for 73 days.  On it’s first mention I was a little nervous but people were very accepting and it was a relief as I spend all day normally forcing myself not to mention it/talk about Mistress.  Was fantastic being in an environment where it is not shocking.  I also got to see other people embracing what they like which was also empowering and reassuring. Overall it was a complete honour and a privilege to be seen out with Mistress and for her to introduce me to people that she knows.  I hope I didn’t let her down in any way and would jump at the chance at doing it again.  For anyone else who’s tempted to go to their first Munch/Swamp I’d really recommend it, people are open and friendly (at least at this one) just as long as you enter with an open mind.

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