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It’s A Lot More than Gifting!!

I love gifts…well who doesn’t? I love my slaves, and love them even more when they spoil me…it’s a very easy way to get into my good books, but risky if you don’t take the time to find out what I like (see my Wish List)

Buying me a gift is always something I appreciate, but it is not Findom! Many gifts bought for me are also part of my client’s fetish such as a fixation on an object or part of the body…often mine! Good to know that some bits of my body are money making machines…like my cute little feet!!

Gifts in this area are often stockings or high heels, particularly my Louboutins; the male brain is engineered so that the bit that processes feet is next to the part the processes sexual stimulation….so the fetish element of gift giving makes a lot of sense.

Findom is a kink…it’s more about an obsession linked to high risk and uncertainty and a fixation of this risk on a specific person; in this case ‘moi’ , Mistress Nikky French. It’s extreme; it’s often about fantasy and a strong link between sexual gratification and indulging the person of your obsession.

When my clients are willing to submit in a financial sense it is an very extreme form of a D/s relationship as they are exposing themselves to financial commitments that create a endorphin rush similar to that experienced in corporal punishment…..first of all these clients are hypnotized by me, fixated on me and I consume their every waking thought…..I am worshiped, adored and idolized…..and I have to say, it’s just the best feeling a Dominant woman like me can have; being it total control of a man’s money, the essence of his power and influence in the world….and he’s prepared to risk a large part of that on me….it get’s me hot! Especially as there is no guarantee of my attention, just a suggestion or chance you may get some….only if it pleases me (hi hi).

It’s Not For Everyone

I will only allow Findom sessions with clients that I am confident have the security and ability to indulge in Findom with me. I don’t ever want to put a client’s family or life in danger but I realize that Findom, for come client’s is is the ultimate sexual endorphin rush.

Findom doesn’t just have to be for the rich; a Findom relationship can be tailored to the wealth and means of clients from any backgrounds and cultures; the rush is the same, the euphoria is the same…but the budget and commitment is the only difference! What I love is the power and the fixation on me….I love attention – you can never have enough….knowing a client is willing to risk and spend and treat you and submit their finances to you is a thrill for me too!

How Does It Work

Do you love and worship me so much that you will financially surrender youself to me? I’m a Ferrari…not a Ford and I’m expensive to keep and maintain….you’ve been warned!

Being prepared to financially submit to me, as I’ve mentioned before will only be allowed if I genuinely feel you are able to do so, without you being able to afford to do so. Some Pro Dommes don’t set these boundaries and some don’t even care….but I do. I realize that Findom requires financial sacrifice, but it has be be within your means ☺

Findom at its extreme would involve a client submitting and giving full control of all of their income to me and I would determine what was done with their money, including looking after me of course!

Don’t get me wrong……I love being worshipped and spoiled and for those submissives that cannot or don’t want to completely financially submit to me there are; HumanATMs (speaks for itself) which always come in handy when Mistress is treating herself and making sure she is pampered appropriately! ;and Paypigs who love to indulge me and pay my bills.

My Findom clients needs are met and agreed on a one to one basis (contact me)  after meeting and discussing any boundaries that are to be set. For my Paypig clients I have made some suggestions below for you to adopt my bills and spoil me in the way that I have become accustomed to…

Show How Much You Love Your Mistress

Nature gave me a head start in life, but even Mother Nature needs a bit of help from time to time…even including me!

Looking good and feeling good is an expensive business; I need to look my best both in and out of work….I’m always being approached by clients, by companies that are looking to sponsor me and from journalists and bloggers.

I love having my bills adopted by my favourite paypigs…it makes me feel so special. I’ll let you know how special you are and you may even get to spend a little time with me as a reward for your good behavior! Don’t le me down though, you’ll be punished as quickly as you were rewarded; I expect my submissives to keep to their promises without fail.



I love having my hair done, especially my favourite styling salon [insert name here], who have consistently produced amazing styles for me for the past four years. They have the ability to transform me for a special occasion and even on occasion, create whole new looks for me ☺ The make me feel a million dollars when I walk in the salon; the results are always amazing and constantly keeps my look fresh and contemporary.

Adopt My Bill – Hair (Monthly) £200

My regular clients will know that my nails are amazing. I’m not going to tell you where I get them done otherwise I would never get a booking again – rhooo! It’s a small salon and always maxed out on bookings.

Adopt My Bill – Pedicure + Manicure (Monthly) £80

Beauty Salon


Who doesn’t like going to the beauty salon? Well, once I’m there you can’t get me out of it. It’s one of the few places where I actually switch off my phone and go ‘off-grid’ for a few hours. It’s almost like the Professional Dominatrix of church!! A time to chill out, relax and meditate….on My Mistress Life of course! Help Mistress find that quiet moment in life!

Adopt My Bill – LASHES (Monthly) £40

Adopt My Bill – MASSAGE (Monthly) £120

Adopt My Bill – WAXING (Monthly) £80

You all know I have a fetish for leather, latex, lingerie and nylons….some might even call it an obsession; it makes me feel empowered, sexy, confident and powerful and it makes my clients want to worship, obey and submit to me….just the way I like them. I’ve got an massive collection and almost need a room dedicated to my collection or perhaps it is my own fetish. But as you know, a Professional Dominatrix like me can never have enough…’s just not possible to satisfy either my or my clients fetish for these outfits. Help me with my addiction!

Adopt My Bill – Latex (Monthly) £200
Adopt My Bill – Leather (Monthly) £200
Adopt My Bill – Nylons (Monthly) £40
Adopt My Bill – Lingerie (Monthly) £150

Heels & Boots

OMG, OMG, OMG!! I can’t control myself when I see an amazing pair of heels….it you want to get Mistress hot and give her an endorphin rush, the quickest way to her heart (an other places too!) is to adopt a bill for one of her favourite brands of shoes. Want to be my favourite slave forever….well boys….you now know what makes me go weak at the knees!

Adopt My Bill – Louboutins (Annually) £1,500
Adopt My Bill – Louis Vuitton (Annually) £2,000
Adopt My Bill – Gucci (Annually) £1,200
Adopt My Bill – Pleasers (Annually) £400


I love to travel and explore the world with my work, often travelling with other famous Dominatrices like Kountess Von Kink and in the near future, with Giada da Vinci. I love meeting my fans and clients across the word. It’s a hard life but a good life and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Adopt My Bill – Middle East (Dubai, Jordan, Emirates) £500 per trip
Adopt My Bill – Europe (Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Rome) £300 per month
Adopt My Bill – America (Las Vegas & New York) £1,000 per trip
Adopt My Bill – Far East (Singapore, Hong Kong) £1,000 per trip
Adopt My Bill – Taxis (Uber) – £100 per month

Gym & Fitness

I love to look good and feel good, but keeping fit is something of a love-hate relationship with me. I love the results and feeling amazing, but sometimes the motivation factor is a bit of a challenge!! I need a personal trainer who will, if necessary wake me from my bed and take me kicking and screaming to the gym. Mistress needs a hard ass trainer to keep her in trim (hi hi).

Of course I need to look good while killing myself…social media is never far away, I love Gymshark yoga pants, and so do my Instagram followers..mmmm. Keep Mistress looking and feeling good…

Adopt My Bill – Personal Training (Monthly) £150
Adopt My Bill – Outfits (Monthly) £75
Adopt My Bill – Yoga Pants (Monthly) £75
Adopt My Bill – Trainers (Monthly) £100
Adopt My Bill – Gym Membership (Monthly) £90

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