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There are only a few Mistresses in the Bristol area and to be honest I have a very particular fetish which is anal play , fisting and strap on play…and where as most Mistresses will do this to get the best out of it you really need to connect with the person who you are playing with or it all becomes very very staged and false and to be honest contrived and unsatisfying. So I was looking on profiles where it said anal play etc was something enjoyed doing or was high on their list of likes.

After looking at the 3 or 4 that were in the area Mistress Nikky French kept coming up on searches. lists and reviews.

I did my research tried to find the detail of how she interacted with her subs when doing a session and what their feelings and reactions were to those sessions.

I called Mistress and I got her answer machine…I left a message but did not expect anything to come of it…

I can’t remember now if I called her again or she got back tome but we spoke on the phone for quite a while her accent was like classical music over the phone. Sexy Sensual and firm and that soon had an effect on me…

We discussed what I was looking for, and I said that I prefer longer sessions, probably because when I party and play thats how the nights tend to go…and I couldn’t really see myself getting ready for a 1 hr banging against a bench with a strap on from a Mistress I had never met before… Not really what I was looking for anyway.

Mistress said that really a 2 hr session was best and I agreed with a smile on my face..and a growing aching between my legs.

Mistress discussed, as we had met before how she would like a deposit paying for our first session..

I speedily did this and text her back saying Its done… I did not expected to hear anything from Mistress but got a very quick replay saying that fine and that Mistress would be in touch nearer to our booking with details of where to go…

I entered the dungeon and wow what a set up… I said how fantastic this place was and we started chatting etc… We dealt with the paperwork and we started discussing what I like, what I’m into and what experience I’ve had etc…

I found it difficult to look at Mistress because I found her so attractive that I thought I would give myself away and melt there and then on the spot.

We seemed to hit it off straight away and Mistress seemed quite excited that she had a seasoned player to play with I think.. I did say that I really wanted to see her again if we get on and expand each other abilities and limits etc… Thinking back this was maybe a bit forward on the first meet but that is just the way I am. I have missed too many opportunities in the past and I’m not sure what it was but I instantly felt relaxed with her.

Mistress was tactile, looked stunning, has such a sexy accent that just makes you turn to Jelly but her eyes are what got me…. I looked into them and I …well maybe that will remain with me for now.

I started getting dressed into Fiona..I asked her what I should wear…Its so nice when you get a real girl to comment or suggest something… I started to make myself up, quickly as I was aware I was already late and we had spent quite a while talking etc…

We went for the Retro look in the end with my not so attractive short blonde wig…and we did some photos of me and us together…I must admit I wasn’t my best but I think the fact that I was in the dungeon made up for that.. and my shortfalls with makeup and hair etc.

Mistress prepared a few things and when I was ready she ordered me to kneel on the floor while she told me her safe word ….Its strange I did not feel nervous, apprehensive or even excited..I felt comfortable and relaxed and totally at ease.

Not being a beginner I wondered how Mistress would start our session…I didn’t have to wait long…,Mistress has a balls fetish so she grabbed my balls and girly cock and proceeded to tie them up with a bootlace.

Mistress asked me to knell on her bench and proceeded to strap me to it…

Its been a while since I had been strapped down helpless like this and the feeling was so good especially as every now and again she would run her fingers across my now exposed bum…

Needless to say Mistress needed to loosen me up a touch and did so so expertly with a gentle yet firm touch, not giving me too much too soon.

I’m quite a greedy girl and Mistress could sense that Fiona could take a lot more but for some reason held back…where others would dive fist first so to speak…

I looked at it and thought hmm thats small… she put a condom on and I duly sucked it for her while she stood next to me. There was lots of eye contact and with the medicine I had taken this made me so horny..

Mistress moved to the rear of me and slowly , gently inserted her strap on into me. Hmm wow the feeling… Its hard when you are face down and your Mistress is behind you to imagine the view they must be getting and I have never yet seen what its like from that angle…but Imagined her beautiful figure driving her strap on into Fiona..

Each stroke was delivered with sensual firmness and I pushed back to give an indication I wanted more… but Mistress held back too, I’m not sure if this was teasing or because she did not yet know me enough and did not want to hurt me …

We played like this for a while and then moved to her Bench where she strapped my legs up and I found myself on my back this time…where she this time started to fist me in a gentle sensual way …I sensed at this point she maybe knew I could take more and did in fact want more but was not going to take things too much further at this stage… She has a knack though for touching you inside at just the right spot with her slim small hands…

This was truly one of my best sessions I had ever had with a Mistress where I had felt a connection where I would allow Mistress to do basically anything she wanted , not that I guess she wouldn’t anyway but guess I instantly felt I could trust Mistress totally.. I’ve never felt that in a first session with any Mistress before…

The session had gone a little over time and Mistress reminded me what the time was as it was late and she had a long drive after the session.

We cleaned up and I ‘Came down’ slowly as I helped mistress clean up and tidy away while I got changed.. We chatted for what seems like ages about different things which again gave me the feeling we had truly connected….

So my first session with Mistress Nikky French had come to an end.. I left her outside the dungeon as I trotted off back to my Hotel… I had enjoyed her company so much and was taken back by her beauty that I had a little tear in my eye as I walked back to my Hotel…

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