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I met Mistress in my usual Hotel..she came knocking at the door after checking in herself and being just down the corridor…

I think we had both had a particularly tough week and were both feeling a little deflated and tbh not in the mood or should I say not really raring to go like we usually are.

I was feeling particularly vulnerable and a little upset for some reason..

Mistress knows me quite well enough now and can see that Fiona is rooted well within me and has often said things I do are very fem..Maybe its that but every now and again I get these huge insecurity issues and I think panic attacks… I hate being alone and crave that love and attention I don’t get and can’t ask Mistress because thats not the kind of relationship we have..Maybe I need more I don’t know ?!

I had to pull myself out of it though if we were going to have a good night as I so love spending time with Mistress as I find her stimulating and so beautiful and I always want her to have a good time too when we go out and play…

We opted for Italian this time..and tried cocktails to start with and then debated over which Red to go for…Both loving the heavier type red we eventually went for a Chianti.

We ordered food… pasta of course as it was Italian hahah but we both struggled to eat it as the ‘Pasta was so dry ‘. By that time the cocktails and Chianti had started to work and we were suitably having fun… I passed a few comments about how I thought the rather attractive waitress  would benefit from some serious corruption, dressed in her tight pencil skirt and blouse.. I was expecting Mistress to either snap at me or also pass a comment but she did neither… Not sure if she appreciated my comments or just didn’t really understand what I was trying to say…All sorts or erotic thoughts were running through my head at that point at what we could do to her in the dungeon …. I had to stop myself ;-( knowing that I was the one that was going to benefit from Mistresses fine hand.

We got ready at the dungeon, more wine, music etc and were both in the mood by now…

I was told to sit on Mistresses new Sex Swing and put my legs in the stirrups …which I did..

Mistress started to play with me..fingering my hole with her Latex clad fingers…one, then 2 but that is just a sweetener as she soon had all 4 and then …. pop her hand slid inside effortlessly.. Oh god it feel so good when Mistress has a hand inside me looking me deep in the eye. My medicine was at hand always close…Mistress laughs when I pull it out from inside my Bra… ..keeps it safe I said.

It wasn’t long before the infamous ‘Rocket’ made an appearance and Mistress slid it in with sensual motions and deep longing looks in my eyes… She gave me orgasm after orgasm as my inside contracted with pleasure pushing against attempts to keep the Rocket and her hand inside me…

We played for what seemed like an eternity… frequently breaking for drinks and rests..

At one point mistress decided to stub her cigarette out on my bum and balls..

Being a right wimp I chickened out… maybe if I had been tied up she may have taken it further.

We ended sooner than I was hoping although it was still very late… Mistress pointed out that maybe we should stop as there was some blood on one of the tissues .

I could not feel any issues but its always best to stop when this happens because your insides do not always reflect pain and you can very easily carry on and do damage…

Disappointed we stopped but respectful of Mistress for telling me and another sign that Mistress is caring and firm but sensible and wise and I love her for that . xx

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