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The Thrill of Chastity

Learn My Rules
Live My Rules
Follow My Rules
But if you Break My Rules……start praying!

There’s nothing quite like being in control of a submissive’s (both male and female) pleasure and erotic release. Chastity is in some ways the complete SM package….or can be….Erotic SM as I control when, and sometimes if you orgasm; Emotional SM if forced-bi and feminization come into play; and even Financial SM as the ultimate mix of Findom with a link to chastity play….

Chastity is about power and I’m sure you know just how much I love power, control and domination. It really is about Power Exchange (TPE) as you will learn to live your life by my rules….but don’t worry there will be wickedly delicious times as well as challenging times; and there will also be times when you will feel the pain…the pain of my disappointment.

Life will be a rollercoaster ride from the moment you are locked to the moment you are released. The Smiling Sadist will rock your world, but will also bring you crashing down if you don’t obey me and keep to your contract that we sign together.

With my chastity slaves, I proudly wear your key at all times; it shows my ownership and your submission, your obedience and your absolute devotion to living your life according to my command.

“Chastity at the end of the day is a game….you either play it or you don’t. I’ll own you and you’ll be mine, I’ll wear you key around my write to show the ownership…” Mistress Nikky French BBC3, Sex On the Edge, December, 2016

Living In Chastity – What’s It Like?

Imagine being consumed by the thought of being locked, not knowing when you’ll be able to relieve yourself or even if you’ll be relieved….and more still, the control isn’t even in your hands! Your life will be consumed, every waking moment by the thoughts of your abstinence and denial and knowing that your release and potentially your pleasure depends on your ability to follow the commands and wishes of Me! (hi hi)

When I say I will own you, believe me, I will own you on every level; mentally, physically and spiritually. You will quickly learn that your potential release depends on your capacity to serve, obey and respect my wishes without question and when I say it.

You will think of me every waking moment of every day; I will be your obsession and you’ll serve by my rules at all times! You’ll think of me even doing trivial tasks like washing up, eating out….and you’ll think of me every minute you are at work. Life and all its tasks will be given a special meaning.

Of course you’ll live for our regular sessions, and when…and more like if I may temporarily release you…..the continuous and thrilling expectation of our next session and your unending submission and My increasing power over you.

You’ll also fail at times, but you will obey me….and I will teach you! I will expect growing levels of obedience….and of course increasing levels of pain and denial should you fail to follow my wishes or please me.

I will turn the most menial task into an erotic provocation but your failure to obey will be punished as I will force you to give up your dignity and submit and beg to get my favour back….be prepared to crawl and worship me!

Breaking You In Gradually

I always insist on meeting my clients, even if I’ve sessioned with them before, for their first caging. I won’t agree to put you into chastity unless I want to; chastity involves developing a close bond with the slave so I need to ‘click’ with the client for chastity play to work.

I want it to be a moment we’ll both remember as your journey starts. Unless you’ve been caged before, I usually start with a weekly caging to see how your progress with your training and for you to find out if you feel you could go longer. For my most experienced slaves, we would sign a chastity contract for a year.

If you would like to find out more about chastity, please contact me (insert URL link to Contact page) so that you can tell me how you would like to explore chastity.

Watch my documentary I did for the BBC3 about my slave and I

The Pleasures of Chastity

You’ll find that is a similar way to when we lose the use of one of our senses, like being blindfolded, we compensate and all our other senses become even more/hyper sensitive. Well….the reason that I mention this, is that in an erotic way, the same is very true for my chastity slaves.

As you are denied genital stimulation, your other erotic zones take over and you’ll find that anal play will take on a special meaning for you….and for the boys, you’ll soon learn about the male ‘P’-Spot!!….as you’ll find out in our sessions.

Breaking the Rules

You really don’t want to think about breaking the rules ☹ The relationship between Mistress and submissive is built over the period of chastity and often we will build a close connection if you follow my rules, but should you be tempted to break our contract, you’ll feel the pain of rejection and isolation….because there’s no way back….ever!

I love chastity but you won’t get a second chance with me……

Chastity Contract

The Chastity Contract will set out what I expect from you, what things you may have to do for me and tasks to perform, what you may wear, what punishments you may receive and any other things that I may ask of you.

It’s a simple agreement….you do as I wish and make me happy…life will be sweet, but break the contract and you’ll find out that chastity comes at a price!!

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