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My sessions with Mistress are now entering a totally new level of depth (no pun intended) and understanding.

Our play flows from endless chat, laughter and teasing and boy is there plenty of that… If you have seen Mistress’s teasing video’s on Twitter Image what its like having her inches away from you doing exactly the same thing !?!

I met Mistress for one of our over nights in Bristol.

We went shopping which we both love.  I don’t think either of us have ever had anyone who thinks like the other and is so switched on to what the other likes.

Mistress has complimented me on a number of occasions for having a womens eye and even the way I brows the rails she has said is like a women would, touching and feeling fabrics and clothes.. and for having an eye for style and something different. On this occasion we browsed through a well known lingerie shop and found a few little gems..Then on our way to the restaurant I showed Mistress a top I had spotted in the window of a shop.  Wow she said its beautiful… well what can you do when Mistress says this… so we had to have it and wow how beautiful it looks on her as well …I love seeing her happy and in a way its giving Mistress something back for making me so happy.

We ate at a Very Nice French Restaurant, outside too… Mistress got some escargot for starter on the condition I tried them… Hmm this I guess was to test how far I would go for her hahahah.. I did of course try them and was surprised how much of a non event they were.. They did not particularly taste of anything so an easy test to pass there

On retreating to the Hotel I got ready while Mistress had some personal business to attend to. This gave me more time than usual to get ready and do my Makeup etc.. something that Mistress picked up on straight away … commenting how good my eyes looked. How good it feels to get compliments like that from someone so naturally beautiful herself.

I showed Mistress my new toys I had got from another retiring Mistress on Twitter than has been selling off her wares to others who can make use of them. They are ever the opportunists these Mistresses  hahahah always trying to squeeze money out of every last thing…

Amongst them was a rather large example of some Anal beads..each ball probably only just being smaller than a tennis ball…I’ve always wanted some..There was also a huge Blow up Dildo larger than anything else I’ve got

Mistress started as usual by testing how relaxed and open I was and she soon realised I was both. Looks like I got all my homework right

Mistress has a bad right hand but that did not stop her using her Left hand… and by the feel of it she is equally capable with her left that the right and soon brought me to my first Anal Orgasm by slowly rotating her knuckles around the very opening of my hole stretching and sending my senses into overload.. She then plunged deep and did the same inside me taking me to a second mind blowing orgasm and shooting Mistresses hand out of me…

God I wish I was retrained gagged and unable to repel my mistress in that way .. I wonder what heights she would take me if I could not stop her by pusher her out of me…

It never surprises me how much power there is at that point. Mistress usually manages to keep herself inside me when I’m in the Sex Swing but on all fours I guess its not so easy as I can move  ;-(

With some help from my my medicine and some gentle persuasion from Mistress it wasn’t long before I was relaxed enough to take the new ‘Big boy’ on the block and wow  what a full stretched feeling it gave me…

Again I had another anal orgasm, my body jerking uncontrollably as I felt an increasing feeling of goose pimples all over my body… This time I think I just collapsed as Mistress wanted to get this on Film.. the result I think you will agree is so hot…

We sat talked drank and smoked…well Mistress did and the more we do this I think the more connected we become as Mistress and slave…I am sure I must the the luckiest slave around and it really annoys and upsets me when Mistress is messed about by others… I wish guys would realise what effort goes into Mistress turning up to satisfy  your Fantasies…Please be considerate and respectful to her as she is unique and she maybe a Mistress but she is my Mistress !

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