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Anal Play


Anal Play – I’m a Master of My Universe


Anal play is one of my specialties and expert services…..for good reason; I love the power of being in control of the pleasure I give…and my clients receive. I am the Master anal playmaker in my dungeon. In my hands you’ll experience anal pleasure you won’t find with any other Mistress. I know this because I’ve been told!

In my dungeon I’ll own your ass!…..just thought I would say (hi hi!)

A big part of anal play is the head space you occupy…I will control you, lead you….and you’ll follow me to places you’ve only imagined! Believe me, you haven’t experienced anal play until you’ve sessioned with me.

Whether you’ve experienced anal play before and are experienced, or this is the first time, you will not look back. If you’re ready to experience Anal Play the Mistress Nikky French Way…please call me or complete a form to book a session.


The Guilt, The Shame…and The Pleasure


I thought I would start by saying anal play doesn’t make you gay!

Nothing wrong about being gay, but so many of my straight clients, from all walks of life, come with a whole load of baggage about the taboos of anything anal, for reasons of culture, religion, society, identity… and just plain fear, amongst a whole ton of other reasons.

Also, many clients have tried anal play, either solo or with partners who aren’t experienced, put many people off for life, (PAIN!!) added to which, many people wanting to explore anal play go too big too fast… noooooo! That’s why I’m here… you’ll soon find out.

However, once you’ve discovered the joys of anal play and not to mention the ecstasy that comes with it, you’ll find out why hang-ups are very quickly dropped, particularly in my dungeon!

The anal area has millions of nerve endings that bring the most amazing pleasure… and I probably know every one of them! It’s time to stop ignoring your ass and start paying attention!! (hi hi).

Believe me, you’ll be begging me not to stop once I’ve started with you. If you haven’t indulged, I’ll lead you into a whole new pleasure zone ☺ For most of my clients, their first anal orgasm (yes there is one!) make normal orgasms appear… how you say… well… quite ordinary.


Popping Your Cherry – Newbies!


Let me be the first to take you!

Losing your virginity is always a special moment and losing your anal virginity is no different – I’ll make sure you never forget me , and our first session together. I love being the first … of many more sessions… all of my first timers always come back ☺

For newbies, we can start off slowly; I have toys for anal play of every shape and size, from the smallest to the……well, seriously large. We will only explore in a way that you are comfortable with; bigger doesn’t mean better! In fact many newbies will start with simple anal stimulation and very small toys….but as you know good things come in small packages!

Being nervous is OK, because doing anything for the first time can be nerve wracking. However, some of my very best clients who now love anal play (in fact they’re now anal sluts) started this way, but now have some of the most mind blowing anal play sessions. Once you’ve discovered your ‘P-Spot’ (yes men do have a male equivalent of the G-Spot) and experienced you first anal orgasm, your addiction will have started…with me and with anal play.


Is Bigger – Better?



This is one of life’s never ending questions, mainly because there is no definitive answer! The real question should be (not just for anal play); ‘what is the size that brings you most pleasure’… this provides a much better answer and in my case better sessions with my clients. You will experience a lot more pleasure….and of course some pain… naturally!!

You might be a size queen (bigger definitely better – mmmm) or a connoisseur who is into the experience and outcomes more that the width or girth! One thing is true however, is that anal play is not a competition. One client’s small is another clients big…it not a race… it’s about you!

 Exploring & Discovering…


There’s a lifetime’s worth of exploring to do out there, and I know every dimension!

Strapon & Pegging

If you’ve ever seen a strapon between my legs and how I use it, you’ll understand why this is one of my areas of expertise!

I love using my strapons… it puts me in full control and lets me dominate my subs and slaves; there’s nothing better about femdom than having this power…something which I make the most of during our sessions. I’ve even given names to all of my strapons, something only the smiling sadist would do; each of which have different sizes and shapes that can fulfil even the biggest anal sluts and more. For many clients being pegged with a strapon, is part of session being treated as a whore or as part of sissy training.

Anal Stretching

If bigger is better for you, then let me train you. I’ll train you to become the anal whore you want to be. The bigger the whore, the more I’ll stretch you…bend over and take what Mistress wants to give you…and you won’t want me to stop!

Fisting & Footing

Clients that love anal play often love fisting….it what my little hands were made for! Only really for the real anal slut – ask me about how we can explore…

Sissies, Sluts & Forced-Bi


Anal play can be explored as part of expressing yourself as a CD/TV or perhaps you just want to be treated as the slut you are without dressing up. I love dressing my sissies and dominating my sluts. Read more about this under ‘Whore Me’ and find out how we can session together.


Anal Hygiene


Just remember I’m a princess! – Anal Play in my dungeon means that I expect all my subs and slaves to have washed and scrubbed inside as I don’t like surprises…if you know what I mean.

Anal cleansing or douching is something that I expect… well I demand my slaves undertake before the session, so don’t think you can douche or cleanse before coming to work and then rock up at your session thinking that you’ve ‘cleansed’… because that just doesn’t count! Anal play requires you to prepare a couple of hours before coming to me!

Some tips for you:

  • Only each light food the day before (less is better) – pasta is good
  • Drink lots of fluid
  • Douche/cleanse deeply a couple of hours before our session – attachments to shower hoses are easiest (should take at least an hour)



  • Lisa

    Hello Mistress Nikky. You are very beautiful, sexy and love how dominant and kinky you are. I would love to see you use and abuse my submissive cuckold. He needs to be beaten and really stretched. I am too kind and you seem very strict. We are in Annecy and then Como, then Milan and Ville Frenche.

    Please let me know if interested.

    Mistress Lisa

    September 12, 2018
  • Leicester Escorts

    This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading.

    February 12, 2020

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