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Its been way too long since my last Blog and I know that Mistress will punish me in her own individual way ( I hope)

Sissy Fiona
Well I don’t think you could get further apart than we are now…I’m in the NW and Mistress in Bristol ;-(  A lot has happened though and if you follow Mistress’s twitter you will know I have been to Geneva with My Mistress helping her service her Swiss Slaves, Mistress came to Manchester in November and then Liverpool in December.
The plan is to see each other at least once a month…no where near enough for me as Mistress is now part of me inside and it hurts deep when I know she is not near.  This,  as a TV comes back to needing that special person close so you so you can talk fem and girly things on a regular basis. Sometimes now I feel I’m going mad again because I feel Fiona has somehow been shut away again and Mistress had released her to finally stretch her legs…i’m trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong to deserve this torture. Mistress knows of my anguish but not I don’t think of the real pain inside. It maybe wrong to feel like this I don’t know but isn’t a blog a place where you can be open about things?
Anyway despite the distance we have had some wild and memorable times.
Geneva was a last min thing and I truly enjoyed supporting and maiding for my Mistress, we only managed to do one duo session despite advertising intensely before we went.
I dressed as above, and was there to do Mistresses bidding. Mistress made the slave kiss my feet working his way up to the tops of my stockings and then eventually when she though he was performing well enough she let him kiss and suck my girly cock, gobbling it up, all the time Mistress making sure he was performing to my satisfaction or she would dish out a swift slap to encourage him to do better…I of course returned the favor
I think Mistress is well liked in Geneva as she offers something different from other Mistresses that work there and her manner is bar far superior to others that think they are mistresses, but in reality just play at it.
As with our UK meetings we ate out while there at a very nice restaurant Mistress knows…then all too soon we had to go our separate ways back to the UK. Mistress left before me and to be honest it was the worst few hours I have ever spent alone… It felt like my heart had been ripped from inside me.. I felt alone and vulnerable again and really did not want to go home or stay here… I just felt in limbo…
Manchester was our next meeting..we had planned for it to be a weekend with plenty of pl shopping and a first where Mistress went out with Fiona Dressed.Mistress Nikky French Manchester
I chose Manchester and the Gay Village because I have been out there many times before and I felt safe there, relaxed and I really wanted to share this with my Mistress as I knew she really wanted to go out with Fiona.
Friday night we played and did some pics
and Videos for all you out there to enjoy so you can see how expert Mistress is at her Job..
Part of our meetings is always taken up with the transformation into Fiona and Mistress can often be heard saying…”I want to see my Fiona now”. A signal for the transformation to start.. We are usually both eager to get into the session by this stage..
Our Friday night session was again hot… It had been a while since I had a session, and where as I had kept myself trained with my toys, nothing compared to the way Mistress works her hands on you. She has a strong balls fetish and loves to tie your balls up… that and the look on her face as she does it is enough to turn ice to water. I usually now use a cock ring but that does not stop Mistress running her fingers and nails over your balls sack as it is stretched, pulling it now and gain while she gives you one of those heart melting looks deep into your soul.
It wasn’t long before Mistress had me on my back, lubing up her fingers as she slowly opened me up.. her cheeky commanding laugh telling me she loves what she does.. grabbing my balls and now embarrassing limp cock with one hand and she inserts fingers, knuckle then hand into my sissy hole.The feel of her knuckles against your prostate is out of this world, as she rotates her hand probing inside you pulling her hand out then in again holding it halfway as you beg her to just do anything and use you as her play thing. I never fail to orgasm uncontrollably as Mistress works her magic, jerking and wanting to push Mistress out of me but she holds her hand there and inserts it deeper driving you to bigger and bigger orgasms totally out of control and unable to prevent the eruptions and waves of pleasure.
We eventually melted into an exhausted heap on the floor, drank some more wine and talked about girly things to wind down before retiring for the night.Fisting Anal Play
We totally forgot it was Halloween weekend which,  as it turned out was really good because it gave us an excuse to wear whatever we wanted..
So after a day around Manchester shopping I had a few outfits to try, non were really as I wanted..Mistress on the other hand went all out and wore her Latex catsuit. She looked stunning as usual, I felt so proud to be out with My Mistress.
We had a fantastic night but by the time we got out it was already late so there was not much left of the evening but we did a few bars and had a great evening.
The evening ended with me putting on a show for Mistress.. a bit like a performing monkey pleasuring myself with my toys at Mistress’s command.

Its been a while since I have written a blog….and I do feel guilty as I promised Mistress I would update on a  regular basis so all you followers could get a glimps into what sessioning with what I feel is the most beautiful and sensual Mistresses on the scene today.
Ok I know I’m bias but like I’ve said before Mistress Nikky has something others do not and I guess you will only find out what that is if you visit her .
A lot has happened since the last Blog.. We have done 2 Forced Bi Sessions with Mistress sharing me with 2 of her clients…something I know we both enjoyed and hopefully we can do more of and hopefully the clients enjoyed too…This I hope is something I hope Mistress will ask me to do again should the location and time allow.
This Blog is about the last session me and Mistress Nikky had together the Second Thursday in September.

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