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103 days of Chastity First visit to a Pro Domme

In mid July my most recent relationship ended so I thought (like I often do) that a period of chastity would be a good change of pace to help ease the transaction back into single life.

At first I thought I’d just do a standard 30 days that I’d done many times before, but before long I found myself approaching a new record (63 days) so thought I’d push myself and reach 100 for the first time.

Strangely I found this easier as time went on – but mainly because I had a target in mind.  Trying to start again afterwards has been so hard to get past a few days, however going from day 90 to 91 wasn’t do difficult as the target drew nearer.

The most difficult time though was I spent a few weeks abroad in this period, staying in hostels, taking a few flights so I decided I wouldn’t wear my device for this period.  One of those nights I met a girl and almost broke my streak (I was in the late 70s for days at the time), but before we got down to business so to speak, back at her room I realised that she was far too drunk to consent and actually became ill.  Despite being really horny I was rather a gentleman and helped her before sleeping next to her.  Waking up the next day both in a state of undress (but knowing she was really embarrassed and just wanting me to leave) was so difficult.

About half way through I decided, as a birthday present to myself and a good motivating factor that I’d visit a Pro Domme for the first time.  I looked around at the Dommes in my area and was taken aback when I came across Mistress Nikki French .  I have always loved the French accent, plus she looked incredible.  Reading her information I also decided she’d be perfect for someone visiting for a first time – focusing on enjoyment rather that seriousness.

Initially I’d booked in for day 101, a Sunday, however unfortunately she was unavailable and I had to rearrange for the Tuesday evening.  I was so nervous walking up to her apartment it took every bit of courage to ring her buzzer.  I am so glad I did.

I don’t want to go into too much detail of the events of the session but I thought it was great value for money.

After sitting chatting for a while to get to know each other better I was asked to get undressed in a different room and return naked.  It is intense entering a room in nothing but a chastity device in front of someone fully clothed (even if it is sexy – she was totally stunning).  I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed, or felt more submissive.

I spent almost the entire session completely restrained on her table (as I’d asked) – I’d loved my previous experience of being tied up but this was totally different.  The last time I’d been with someone I trusted surrounded by lots of people, and even though the rope work was really good I knew if I’d really tried I could have probably worked my way loose eventually (would have taken a while as it was effective).  This time though it was with professional equipment so I knew that no amount of pulling or twisting would get me loose.

Mistress Nikki did warn me that she enjoyed causing pain to balls which has not been something I’ve experienced much of before and I’d always been nervous about it.  I have to say she pushed me way past what I thought I’d be able to take.  They spent almost the entire time tied in various ways and there were many occasions when I’d been straining against my restraints trying to cover myself (I couldn’t reach).

Equipment used included electric wand, candles (hot wax), ice – my balls were still aching days later.  There was also plenty of teasing which was almost as bad as the torture after over 100 days denied.

She kept a fun atmosphere all of the way through – I was regularly in pain but enjoyed every second of it.  I went into it thinking it’d be a one off but now I really want to go back again at some point – it’s taken a lot of restraint not to go straight back.  (As much as it was definite value for money it could be an expensive habit!)  And after 103 days you have no idea the relief that came with an orgasm.

Overall I couldn’t recommend her enough and will definitely be going back at some point!

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