10th October I’m gonna be 30!

I love receiving gifts from my slaves! ….it makes Mistress very happy when her slaves treat her, no matter how small the gift. I have created lists on Uberkinky and Amazon and also have links to some other favourite things that I would love as treats, which range from the most affordable to the most exquisite…..what you by Mistress is a decision for you….the dungeon will reward you!

My favourite treasures of all are Louboutins which set my heart racing…..OMG, you cannot tell how much!…..but even more than this I love my DIY, especially restoring old classic trucks.  If you like something different I love the taste of home; I love French food (especially cheese) and a good French red wine…..

My wishlist reflects me, my life and my loves……Merci Beaucoup my lovers!

Please send any gifts from my wish list to the following address:

Nikky French

125 broadway

CF24 1 QG


If you fancy tributing me, or help me to buy new outfits


Amazon Wishlist Link